Saturday, 19 November 2011

Old Hollywood Inspiration - Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner was born in North Carolina in 1922. She got her 'big-break' when a representative of MGM saw her photo in the window of her brother-in-law's photography studio in New York.

Her first handful of films in early 1940's were mainly one liners, until she starred in the film noir 'The Killers' opposite Burt Lancaster. She went on to have a briefly successful career with movies like 'Mogambo' and 'The Barefoot Contessa', but she often felt insecure in her acting abilities and moved to Spain in 1955.

She then moved to London and lived the rest of her life there until her death in 1990.

She was just as famous for her high profile marriage to Frank Sinatra for 6 years, which led to divorce in 1957.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quick Project..

Another week has passed, and I do have some news on the sewing front!
In an attempt to get me out of this sewing funk, I am taking park in Sew Grateful, the challenge concocted by Debi (click here for the deets).
I've selected what i'm guessing is a late 1980's, possibly early 1990's Vogue pattern that my mum picked up in a charity shop for me, but am a little undecided on which fabric to use.
More details will be posted next week.

However, in preparation for this I decided to set a small challenge to myself as I haven't touched my machine for around 1 1/2 months! Eeek!! 
I was given a black skirt by my sisters neighbour who decided she didn't want it, and thought I could do something with it. She was right. It was originally a size 20 (UK), so was rather large on me! I've simply taken the skirt in by adding some gathers, and re-sized the waistband. I've also given it a new button as the old one wasn't to my taste. 

I've still got to take the length up as it skims the floor on me, even with my long legs!
I did toy with the idea of leaving it long as I don't have a maxi skirt, but my husband commented that I looked like a Victorian school teacher so I thought it might be best to lose a few inches from the hem!

I'll post a pic at the weekend showing you the finished project!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Things I Love Thursday (Belated Post)

So it appears my Blogger had a problem on Thursday night and decided not to publish the post I had lined up! So here it is a couple of days later!

Forever 21

For those of you who are American, this probably isn't a big deal for you, but as an English girl I was so excited when I found this shop in San Francisco!
It reminded me a lot of H&M but a fraction of the price! I was so shocked to see how cheap everything was! Naturally, I could have bought pretty much everything back with me but I was good and only bought a pair of leggings, 2 jumpers, and a lightweight jacket.

Since returning home I've been eyeing up their website, and am so happy that they deliver to the UK. I can see my wardrobe being full of their stuff in the future!

Vintage Furniture & Quirky Household Items

As very briefly mentioned in one of my last posts I am indeed moving at the end of the month. My husbands job has been moved to London, so in an attempt at saving some pennies we're moving in order to be only 40 mins away from the capital. We've found a cute 2 bed house to rent in a quiet estate (BIG change from where we are now), so with a new house comes new furniture to fill it with!

We both have very strong opinions when it comes to furnishings, so it's always a challenge trying to agree on things. But we do have a mutual admiration & respect for vintage designs. 

We've been eyeing these beauties up on Ebay.

The second one may look a little plain, but we're not afraid of painting furniture or changing things to suit our style. 

We're also after some quirky bookends for our collection, and came across these which I love!

How cute are the last two!?

Etsy is also a good place to look if you're after something unique for your home.




So right now my life is a little hectic still, and I'm really hoping I'll find the time to get some sewing in before we have to pack everything up (roughly 3 weeks till we move) as I haven't sewn since Sept!
If not, as i'll have a room dedicated to it in our new house I can at least share with you my plans for the room, and what will be on my machine next!