Saturday, 30 July 2011

An Exciting Announcement...

As you can tell from the title, I have some big news!
I've recently been asked, and now officially commissioned, by the well known English brand Kenwood.
They will be having their own stand at the previously mentioned Goodwood Revival, and have asked me to design & make a dress in their colours (red/white) for 12 girls!

I'm so excited about this, and am really humbled that I've been asked to do this for them. They've asked for the dress to be 1940's in style, so last week one evening I sat down and churned out around 12 designs  based on these requirements. These are some of the sketches I made:

and this is the design they chose:

They are a few small changes that I'm making, for example it's not going to have the bow, and I'm undecided as to whether to add pockets or not?

I've tried to not make it too difficult for myself as I don't have a lot of time to do this, so I've got to work straight away on a muslin. I've combined elements of some existing 1940's patterns that I own, as well as modifying parts of it to fit my design.
Here are a few photos of my journey so far!

The bodice has had to be modified in order to fit a 3/4 length sleeve, which was done by reshaping the armhole, and making the side seam continue on for another inch in order to fit. 

With the muslin almost done, I have a couple days spare which I can use to sew a few new summer tops/skirts before my fabric arrives to start on these dresses! 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Asos Feature

Ah Asos..... What would I do without you??

This week inspired by my awesome vintage pussy bow blouse find, I have been a little obsessed with Asos. They have the cutest blouses at the moment, and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of Midi length skirts too, and will be making one this weekend all in preparation for the upcoming Honeymoon (more on this in another future post). It probably hasn't helped that I received Septembers issue of the Asos mag which has a whole section dedicated to this Autumn/Fall's trend of 1940's mixed with 1970's. I fell in love with these quirky prints:

as well as these simple pieces which would look perfect teamed with a pencil skirt/high waisted tailored trousers.

and of course a floral print..

I love how versatile they can be, you could go for a relaxed/casual look as above with the floral piece, or  fit right into an office work environment by tying the bow higher. They're not for everyone however, and it is only recently that they have won me over (must be me getting older).
Have you been won over by the pussy bow?

I have also (as mentioned at the beginning) been drawn into the Midi length skirt craze. I've gazed from afar for a while, and I really like some of the styles Asos has in stock at the moment. It's a very flattering length too I think, you don't have to worry about whether your thighs look chunky? Or have to hold onto the fabric for dear life when you feel a gust of wind? 

I like the lace hem on this one

Very 1940's with kangaroo pockets

Another quirky print

I love all the Jade coloured items around at the moment

I find absolutely impossible to go onto Asos without at least taking a little peak at their summer dresses too..

I love the print on the second one, it's almost like a tye dye.

I've been pondering as to whether to buy these too

I don't buy shoes all that often, especially anything with a heel as I am rubbish with them and end up in pain after 10 minutes. However (with honeymoon in mind) I was wanting a pair of sandals that I could team up with a dress for the evenings, without looking too casual. I used to have a pair of these when I was younger which I practically lived in, so I think the heel would be fine for me. 

What have you been loving/lusting after this week?

I'm hoping to start my Goodwood Revival dress this weekend too, so I should have plenty to share come Sunday night!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Old Hollywood Inspiration

I thought it was time for another look back to the 1940's, this time concentrating on my favourite actress of this time (and quite possibly of all time), Rita Hayworth.

I think it's her ability to adapt in whatever role she plays that got me besotted with Rita, plus come on, look at her?! Her most famous role is of course Gilda, 

which is one of my favourite films of all time, and includes some seriously stunning outfits such as these:

Awesome huh?
Another of my favourite films is the two she made with Fred Astaire, 'You Were Never Lovelier' & 'You'll Never Get Rich' which sees her matching his amazing dancing step for step.

(Side Note: How fierce does Marlene Dietrich look!?)

All images found through Google Images

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Finished Project: Butterick B5152

I finished it! 

This is such an easy pattern, in fact all Butterick patterns i've used so far have been well written and are very easy to use. The pattern does call for shoulder pads, but to be honest I don't think it needs it. 

I can't wait to wear this now!