Monday, 8 August 2011

The Kenwood Dress In Progress....

So to follow on from my last post, I now have some pics to show you!

This is what I managed to get in the back of my car & up the stairs to my flat! It's a lot heavier than it looks! And this is what was waiting for me inside!

My very own fabric rolls.....
This past weekend I've made 5 bodices, and have started attaching the sleeves, although I can only attach one, as the other will be sewn once the zipper/side seam has been done.

Here are a few photos that I took along the way up to tonight:

Under stitching the lining

Under stitching the lining

Basted Sleeve

Finished sleeve

It's my aim to have all 5 pairs of sleeves made and attached by the end of the week, so I can concentrate on cutting out and constructing the skirt panels on the weekend! 
So with any luck by Sunday evening I will have some finished garments to show you!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Apologies for lack of posting this week, but as you can probably tell from my last post I am being kept extremely busy with my most recent commission!
So far I have ordered the fabric which was delivered to me on Tuesday in a rather large and heavy parcel, which just about fit in the car! All pattern pieces have been draughted using a grading 'how to' I found on the internet (hopefully I did it right?!).
I started cutting out the pieces this evening and will continue with that tomorrow as well, so I will be ready to start sewing come Saturday!

So, another week in the blogging world!
There have been a couple of tutorials which really stuck out to me this week, and I am now dying to try them out! Gertie gave us an insight into how to pintuck your garment, which looks fabulous! And Carolyn showed us how to finish your garment with french seams, which looks so effective and left me wondering why I haven't been doing these?

I've also started thinking about my honeymoon wardrobe this week, and what items I want to try to make myself. In case I haven't mentioned I'm going to Hawaii for a week, followed by L.A, Vegas & San Fran the week after (you have no idea how excited I am!). What items do you recommend? What are your essential items of clothing for vacations?

I leave you with a video from one of my favourite bands of all time who I have tickets to go see in November for the very first time!

The Lemonheads - Mrs Robinson