Sunday, 24 April 2011

Recycled Paisley Print Dress

A few months ago my mum was clearing out the loft and came across a stash of old fabric/curtains that she said I could have. Among them was a patchwork blanket with this cotton print as the backing. I immediately unpicked it and stored it away knowing that I would make a dress with it at some point. Fast forward to present day, and as I was browsing Burdastyle for inspiration & ideas, I came across the latest creation from Iro Iro and was determined to try out the square sleeves for myself, so I pulled out this paisley print and set to work! 

The bodice is a basic shape with princess seams, I was first of all going to include a zipper at the back, but change my mind and decided to have an elastic waist (hence why there is a centre back seam). The sleeves were incredibly easy to do, the only thing that I would advise others is to make sure you measure your armhole correctly otherwise you'll end up having sleeves that don't fit! The skirt as I said has an elastic waist, and would have included pockets, but I totally forgot! 

I wore this on Good Friday while visiting my Mum, and was perfect for the incredibly hot weather we're having in the UK at the moment, as it is quite thin and very airy! I will definitely be making something like this again, especially if this weather continues!

Happy Easter Weekend!

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  1. This is very cute fabric and made an awesome dress. ^_^