Sunday, 20 March 2011

Future Dress Inspiration

After going through my blog roll to see what's new, I found an adorable dress on  Iro Iro's blog that has inspired me to make something similar. She has made a beautiful floral dress using an old pair of german curtains, and the results look great!

A few weeks ago when my mum was clearing out part of the loft, she handed down to me a bunch of old curtains/fabric that had been sitting up there for years. I've washed them all, and there's one set of curtains that I really wanted to use to create a 1950's inspired dress.

I love Iro Iro's creation, and I think I'm ready to try and sew some long sleeves, as the weather may be sunnier now but it's still cold down here on the coast! I personally would leave out the cut-out back and just have a centre back zipper or maybe mix it up with some buttons?! I think i'll be drawing in my sketch book this afternoon!

On another note I sold my first vintage dress yesterday!! My lovely friend Tracey bought the navy blue shift dress I've posted previously! One down....many to go!

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