Friday, 25 March 2011

New Blouse & Skirt!

I have been busy this week! I've finished a new blouse (currently 3/4 of the way through another!) based on the JJ pattern from Burdastyle again. After the one I'm working on now, I will be leaving this pattern alone for a little while! 
I've been wanting a bright red blouse for a while now, I've seen calivintage wearing this cute red number which she wore with high waisted jeans, and it made me think of some red polycotton I managed to get a couple of weeks back in a charity shop.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough for the whole pattern, so I used some contrasting cotton fabric with anchors printed on it for the collar and the sleeve bands! I think this works nicely as it gives you a bit of a break from the block colour. Here it is!

I can also use the tie around the waist if I don't feel like a bow.

Also this week I decided to recycle a bunch of dresses I made when I first started making my own clothes. Compared to what I can make now, they don't really match! So I took apart this dress

to make a new polka dot gathered skirt!

It had side seam pockets, centered zipper, and a waistband. This is such a simple and easy way to make a skirt that it very flattering. It takes no time at all to make either. I will be making a couple more ready for the warmer weather, so I'll put instructions up next time!

I have also finished my Iro Iro inspired dress, but I'm waiting till the weekend to take photos, plus I have my Stars & Stripes party this Saturday so I'll post photos of my outfit! 

Happy Weekend!

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