Saturday, 14 May 2011

From Disco To Disco

One of my friends hosts a monthly club night in Reading which will be celebrating it's 1st birthday tonight! I decided to make something to wear to mark the occasion. After sewing the cushion covers last week I had some of the blue striped cotton left over which I hoped would be enough to make a skirt. It was touch and go for a while, but I think I made it work. 

My starting point

Waistband & Skirt panels cut out

White pockets

Waistband attach and skirt slightly gathered



I had a bit of trouble with the back, which I think was due to not really having much fabric to work with, so I decided to add 2 extra panels in the centre back seam which would start from the bottom of the zip to the hem. I then attached a parisian bow to give it a more finished look. I really like that the waistband is quite thick and it fits really well. The only thing that I'm not entirely happy with (which you'll see better when I post photos of me wearing it) is that the skirt seems to gather slightly at the back and creates a bit of a crease heading towards to the bottom of the zip. It's not something that you would generally notice, but when you know it's there it's all you can look at! 
However, that said, I do love this fabric and am quite impressed that I managed this with such a small amount.

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