Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Projects for this week

This Saturday is the vintage boutique market, which means this week I will be repairing all the vintage clothing I have left to do. I aim to have around 30 items in total to sell along with the handmade purses I made a couple of weeks ago. I've taken photos of some of the items that I can fit in and that I intend on repairing during the evenings this week. The repairs I have are mainly small, things like loose seams, dropped hems, missing buttons that sort of thing. So if I do manage to repair all that I need I want to get started on some linen shorts ready for the summer using a Burda pattern I acquired today.

1950's brocade dress with chiffon sash inserted into the chest.

1960's brocade wiggle dress.

1960's wiggle dress.

A very loudly printed button detailed dress that I'm guessing is from the 80's?

1960's wiggle dress

1960's mini dress


  1. I really love the brown dress. That is amazingly cute. Good luck with your show! My very first one is this weekend and I'm super nervous.

  2. I'm starting to get a bit nervous too! Good luck & fingers crossed we both make lots of money!