Monday, 16 January 2012

My Red Dress Pt 2

Another brick wall for me to hit into!
While the pattern/sewing itself is going rather smoothly I seem to be unable to find a zipper for it?!
When I was at the aforementioned fabric shop on Saturday I browsed their rather limited selection of zips. No concealed zippers in the colour I needed for this dress, and no concealed zipper in the size I needed for one of my next projects. Typical huh?
I rather naively thought "ah no problem, I'm sure I have what I need at home anyway", WRONG.
However it is true, that I do keep my zipper collection rather full (to try and avoid this situation ironically) I don't happen to have ANY red zips.
Therefore this dress is going on the back burner for only a week, until I can get to another shop I know of in the nearest city.
This is what it looks like at the moment..

Just the zipper, some slipstitching, and the hem to do now.

I've also got my next project lined up to start this weekend using the Simplicity blouse pattern I just bought. It's so good to be sewing again!

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