Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Old Hollywood Inspiration: Katharine Hepburn

Born in May 1907 in Connecticut, Katharine Hepburn is well known as one of the finest actresses that have ever lived.

She was the daughter of a suffragette, who was encouraged throughout childhood to speak her mind, as well as develop it and her body fully, which in result formed her into quite an athletic tomboy.
After the death of her brother at age 14, she became quite shy and in turn was home schooled.

After deciding to become an actress, Hepburn appeared in many plays in small roles until her big break in 1932 when she starred in 'A Bill of Divorcement' opposite John Barrymore. She went on to have a successful career with films such as 'Morning Glory', 'Little Women', 'Alice Adams', 'Bringing up Baby', 'The Philidelphia Story', and 'The African Queen'.

Hepburn was also a little notorious for her off-screen behaviour too. She chose to wear trousers and no make-up rather than play the 'hollywood game', she didn't like having pictures taken or giving interviews.

Over the course of her acting career she gathered 12 Oscar nominations, out of which she won 4.

In her personal life, most people would know her (thanks to the film 'The Aviator') as having a volatile relationship with Howard Hughes, whom she eventually left in order to be with Spencer Tracy.
Hepburn & Tracy never married but stayed together until his death in 1967.

After Tracy's death Hepburn continued to make mainly made for TV movies throughout the 70's & 80's and then retired due to her failing health.

She died in 2003 of natural causes.

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