Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Simplicity 5645 (1964)

My first attempt at making this pattern will be View 5 shown above, it's the most 'wearable' out of the bunch and will come in handy for work. Now I have the hard task at choosing the fabric....

I decided to go with a cotton print first, and these 4 immediately sprung to mind. 
Polka dots Vs Gingham

I'm not entirely sure that there will be enough of the blue polka dot to make this, so it may have to wait for a smaller project. I'm also not wanting to bite off more than I chew right now and have the hassle of lining up the checks, making sure it's all symmetrical? 
So for now (at least) lilac polka dot is declared the winner of round 1!

Good decision?
Let me know your thoughts?

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