Thursday, 10 May 2012

Colette Palette Challenge: A Summary

So far I have made 3 and am close to finishing my 4th item under this years Spring/Summer Palette Challenge. I've managed to utilise all my chosen colours except khaki & mustard, so I thought I'd sift through my patterns once more for inspiration, and I have drawn up a few ideas to round this challenge up for me.

First up is khaki
I had originally bought some navy cotton from ebay, but the seller messaged me to let me know that there had been a mix up with the listing and she had no navy left. She reeled out a list of colours she did have and as soon as 'fawn' came up I snatched that one, which ended up being a bigger piece of material than the one I thought I had bought! Now while I really want to make khaki shorts, this material is just not suitable so a dress it shall be! I love all the double peter pan collars I've seen in magazines recently, so I'm going to have one with lace underneath. Question: Do you think the lace should be underneath or on top?
I'm not sure about the fake pockets, but I like the idea of some buttons on the front and side seam pockets. I thought that the below Butterick pattern (flared skirt) would be suitable?

Next up is mustard

I so wish I was the type of person who had the confidence to wear yellow shorts, but I'm not. So my mustard drill cotton will be an a-line skirt with an inverted pleat at the front as seen in last months Glamour Magazine.
I already have a few tops that I know will work well with this colour & style.

Then there's blue

I really want to use my pheasant print georgette in this challenge, and instead of making a dress which I feel is quite the obvious thing to do with it, I want to try my hand at a sheer like blouse, possibly with a mullet type hem that seems to be doing the rounds in rtw clothing at the moment. Do you think having a pussy bow tie & a mullet hem is a bit much? Maybe I should have one or the other? Choices!

And lastly burgundy
This drawing explains the red marks coming through on the pic above! All my markers seep right through the pages of my sketch book?! Anyway, with the left over polyester suiting blend I have from this skirt I'm going to try and squeeze out the above top which is made with this Burdastyle pattern

The top is the same pattern on the front, just shorter. This should suit the fabric nicely and the gathers will allow it to hang the way it likes to.

So there are my plans for the rest of this palette challenge! Which one do you think I should make next?

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