Monday, 28 May 2012

My First Dip Into Quilting

As mentioned in my last post I received this book amongst my birthday presents.
I can honestly say that trying quilting has never crossed my mind, I know a couple of people who do it and enjoy it immensely but seriously how many quilts does one person need to own??
That said, this book has definitely captured my interest, mainly because I enjoy a good sewing challenge and I love making up patterns.
I thought I'd start off easy and try one of the basic quilting patterns, the 'Log Cabin'.
So far I've made 4 squares in total using my jubilee themed fat quarters, and to my untrained eye I think they look pretty good?
I'm not entirely sure if I'm actually going to turn it into a quilt, a cushion cover, or something else, but what I can say is that it was fun.
My Butterick dress is still coming along slowly, although I'm beginning to feel like my interest in it is waining slightly (dangerous territory).
Have any of you guys tried quilting before?

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