Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Weekend In Photos & Walthamstow Finds

So this past weekend I spent celebrating my 25th birthday with a well deserved to trip to London organised by the husband. We went fabric shopping in the morning, followed by regular shopping in Covent Garden, dinner, a show (Jersey Boys), then a scenic walk. Followed by a BBQ & bike ride on the Sunday. I've been a very spoilt girl!

It was my first time at Walthamstow market and it did not disappoint! I've seen people talk about it on various blogs from the UK, but my lord, I wasn't ready for this! Pretty much everything is either £1 or £2 a metre, the most expensive thing I bought was some wool suiting at £3 per metre?! Crazy!
So I went in armed with a £50 budget and this is what I got...

I know you're curious to see a little better, so here's exactly what's included!

4 Metres Grey Herringbone Style Suiting

2 Metres Animal Print Linen Blend

4 Metres Thick Navy Cotton

2 Metres Strawberry Print Cotton

2 Metres Coral Linen Blend

1.5 Metres (I think? Found In Bargain Bin) Teal Georgette

2 Metres Geometric Print Viscose (I Think?)

3 Metres Golden Yellow Georgette

2 Metres Chocolate Polka Dot Viscose (I Think?)

1 Metre Mustard Wood Grain Viscose (I Think?)

2 Metres Diamond Print Cotton

I already have a few ideas up my sleeve as to what I'm gonna do with some of these, but if you were me, what you choose to make with what?


  1. Happy belated Birthday-looks like your husband did a great job at spoiling you! And wow! What a fabric haul, can't wait to see what you'll make. Sadly I'm the worst person to advise you regarding patterns as I often buy without a 'real' purpose...eeek!

  2. Such gorgeous photos, glad you had a great weekend!
    The fabrics, oh my! I'm going to the walthamstow market next weekend and can't wait!