Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A New Feature...

I haven't done anything further with the 1940's robe as I'm in that weird flaky/creamy stage of my tattoo and i'm way too paranoid & worried that i'll ruin my gorgeous Chinese silk! So instead.... I wanted to start sharing some fashion/design inspiration from my favourite 'old hollywood' actresses that I've been looking at since starting to design my own 1940's inspired clothing.
Today I wanted to share images involving Veronica Lake.

She was as famous for her 'peekaboo' hairstyle as she was her acting. I came across Veronica Lake through the popular 'Film Noir' genre of the 1930's/40's in films such as 'The Blue Dahlia', 'The Glass Key' and 'This Gun For Hire'. Although I have to say that my favourite film involving her is 'I Married A Witch' which is more of a comedy.

The dresses shown here display such a classic 1940's shape, that I'm slightly obsessed with. A V-neck, with a yoke and a gathered skirt, with the occasional gathered shoulder seam/sleeve.

I love the two-piece above, have you noticed that all the two-piece sets from this time were so flattering to the figure and hid any sign of unwanted bulge?!

The above photo is a still from 'I Married A Witch' which I thoroughly recommend by the way.

Absolute shoe envy!!!

I hope to do this again with other actresses I love and find totally inspirational from this time, so keep an eye out!

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  1. I'm going to have to look up I Married a Witch- I've never seen it! If its anything like Bell, Book and Candle I think I'll love it, though.