Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My project for this week..

I've made a start on the bathing suit that's featured in this months Burda Magazine using the mint green polka dot cotton I picked up on Sunday. 

This is the first time I've used a Burda pattern besides the free JJ blouse from the website, and so far I've got quite frustrated with it, especially since it's apparently an 'easy' pattern! Has anyone reading this used burda patterns from the magazine? You have to locate the one you're after through a gazillion other patterns, but once I found them, traced, and cut out the pattern and then the fabric I was ready to go.

I've started with the bra, which begins by making the straps.

After this you baste the straps to the outer bodice (all pieces are lined) then right sides facing stitch bodice with lining along seams, leaving out marked areas (which will be used as elastic casing). I think I was being extra hesitant and ended up leaving a bit unstitched that should've been but hey ho. 

After this you're supposed to top stitch along the lines marked for the elastic casing, and then feed through 5mm wide elastic, which will create (once pulled) the desired ruffle effect.

Feeding through the side elastic was easy, but i've had real trouble feeding it through the long casing along the bottom. This is the first time i've done this, and to make it easier on myself i've been attaching a safety pin to one end of elastic and using this as means of pushing the elastic through. However, one piece I threaded through pretty much fell apart (maybe it was just its time?) and the second bit I tried ended up splitting apart where I had attached the safety pin! 
So now I'm left with only half the casing filled with elastic! So i'm hoping it's third time lucky tonight and i'll have better news to report later in the week!
Wish me luck! 

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