Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Sunday Times...

Hello!! How was your weekend?
Mine has been particularly awesome.
As previously mentioned this Saturday I took part in a local Boutique Market, and I have to say it went a lot better than I could have hoped for. I was a bit apprehensive at the start as to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily my friend Beth came along with me as support and helped me set up etc..  ready for the day ahead. There was quite a steady stream of customers which I found surprising for a relatively new event in this area. I bought along with me around 30 items of clothing, 25 or so purses and some stuffed owls/pillows/birds.

I ended up making just a couple of pounds shy of £100!!! This was so much more than I was expecting!
I've decided to try and book in again for August time and go halves on a stall with Beth (she makes handmade bags/baby things).

This has also spurred me on to branch out and create more handmade clothes to sell. With my new confidence in pattern making I really want to create a 1940's inspired line of dresses. But this at the moment still has to take a backseat until I've sold a few more dresses in order to fund the fabric!

Speaking of fabric....

This is taken from Burda Magazine 06/11, and is a piece inspired by Brigitte Bardot. It's supposed to be a bathing suit, but I would get more wear out of it as a type of sleepwear set. I've been eyeing up this mint polka dot cotton in the fabric shop for a while with the intention of making a dress but this 2 piece would just look so cute with this fabric!
I also managed to pick some other bits to go with the patterns I recently bought.

Another cotton material this time in a charcoal grey, with what looks like black/white berries printed on it. This is going to be made into the green playsuit/romper at the bottom of the pattern.

This is an amazing Chinese silk brocade that i'm hoping I will successfully turn into a 1940's night robe. I'm going to make version B (blue) but with A's sleeves.

Ahoy There!! I just couldn't leave this on the shelf, its just too nice. I'm not entirely sure what this will end up as but I bought 2 metres so I imagine most likely a dress, it's cotton viscose by the way!

Plans for this week are to make the polka dot sleep set, and to make a start on the playsuit so I'll keep you posted on how everything goes! I'm now going to make some vegetable risotto!

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