Monday, 26 March 2012

Butterick 9973

So I have a confession.... I couldn't help myself!! I decided to take another stab at re-creating an outfit from Mad Men. After making my Peggy Olson skirt, as much as I LOVE it, I kind of felt like I should hang my head in shame at not being more creative with the challenge.

Bad seamstress.

So to make up for it I decided to try and create this dress..

For this I'm using Butterick 9973 which is from the 1960's and comes with a basic scoop-neck bodice and a choice of either a gathered or fitted skirt. 
Naturally, I'm using the fitted skirt, and the sleeves too.

To make this similar to Peggy's dress I'm using some plaid rayon that I got off Ebay. I will warn you now, I'm not really used to working with stripes in such a big way. Because of my serious lack of attention & inexperience I may have got some of the stripes slightly off from matching. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right?

So this isn't in the same colour scheme as Peggy's but you get the idea. I'll post some more photos of the dress in progress on Weds so you can all laugh! :)

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  1. That fabric is awesome! I can't wait to see this all sewn up. Good luck getting it all lined up! :]