Thursday, 8 March 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Vintage Clothing

So some of you may remember that last year my mother in law donated to me about 4 rails worth of vintage clothing that she rescued. They were originally part of a collection that a local costume hire warehouse had, but due to recent government cuts their funding was suspended and subsequently had to shut their doors.
With no other place to go a lot of original vintage and some handmade to look vintage clothes were either thrown out, donated to be made into rags, or given to schools/amateur dramatic groups. Luckily for me my mother in law used to volunter her time there, and she managed to stroll out with well over 200 items (with their permission, of course!). Amongst these beauties are furs, coats, swimwear, dresses & petticoats, unfortunately a lot of the accessories had already been taken.
The majority of these items need repairing, some major, but thankfully most are just missing a button, or need some seams re-stitched. I started this task last summer, and am happy to say quite a few of these items have now been re-homed to delighted owners.
I sell these on auction on Ebay, and will be posting another batch this weekend. So I thought what a perfect platform I have to showcase some of these items, in the hopes that one of you lovely ladies may take a fancy to some?!
Here are just a selection....

1940's Day Dress

Tempted to say 1960's?

1950's Peasant Style Dress

1950's Prom Dress

1960's Brocade Dress

1960's Leaf  Print Wiggle Dress

1940's Applique Dress

Late 1950's Dress

Possibly 1930's Sheer Dress

I'm not particularly great at dating garments, I tend to judge by the shape and design. So don't take my word as the gospel!
When I've put the clothes up for sale I'll let you know, so you can have a look at some of the other items I have. 

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