Monday, 5 March 2012

The Tale of the UFO's

This week I've decided to tackle that well known enemy amongst dressmakers, the UFO. You start out with the best intentions, and such enthusiasm, but somewhere along the way you get distracted by something prettier. Leaving the poor garment to lay dormant for many months in a pile of stashed away fabric.

Luckily my UFO list is small, I can actually count it on one hand. My aim is to tackle two projects this week, so I am then only left with 3 remaining.
Introducing the pointed peter pan floral summer dress first blogged about here.

This only has the armholes left to face, and the hem to do.
And a mini skirt inspired by the Karl Lagerfeld skirt available on Burdastyle.

This was actually going to be my submission for the Sew Grateful week in February, but I hit some fitting issues and didn't get it done in time. This has the hem to do, and the waistband to alter.

Hopefully my will to succeed this week will finally see these UFO's completed!

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