Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mad Men Challenge: Midweek Update

So as revealed on Mondays post, I'm currently making this outfit featured in season 3.

It's going very well at the moment, but alas I have no photos to show you of it in progress as I keep forgetting to take photos!

The trickiest part so far has been the condition of the fabric. It's been tucked away in a loft for god knows how many years, and as such parts of the fabric are not in the best condition. I've had to re-cut the back centre 3 times so far as everytime I unfold it I keep finding holes!

Luckily I found a piece that was hole free, otherwise I would have run out of fabric!

So as I'm lacking in photos today, I thought I would share some other images of Peggy's outfits throughout the series that I'm particularly fond of...

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