Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sew Cinematic Inspiration Post: Top

To follow on from my last post here, this week I wanted to share what I'm planning on making for the 'Top' part of the challenge.
How on earth to you choose what top to make, and from what film? I found this much more difficult than the dress part. Dresses tend to make more of an impression, tops or blouses, for me anyway, tend to be a bit bland?

To make it easier on myself I chose a film that is so iconic & inspirational for many reasons. Grease.
A perfect excuse to make a 1950's blouse. So now comes the decision of 'which character do I wanna be?' The prim & proper Sandy? The bad Sandy? Tough girl Rizzo? Quirky Frenchie? The best dancer at Saint Bernadettes?

The answer -

It had to be Rizzo, c'mon how cool does she look? However, it's not this top that I'm making. I decided to go with the green shirt she wears at a scene in 'Frosty's Palace', the 'hickey from Kinickie' scene.

These are the best photos I can find of the outfit which is a shame as it's a cute outfit for Rizzo. The shirt is actually tied up at the waist, and she wears it with some high waisted jeans.
I've already got a pattern in mind too which is Style 1136.

I'd be making up version B which is the white collared shirt in the centre.
I'm curious to know, whether you're taking part in the challenge or not, are there any famous movie 'tops' that spring to your mind?

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  1. I posted a couple of my inspirations some weeks ago, when the Sew along was announced, but haven't decided for sure yet. I think though I might go for a Peppie Miller (The Artist) outfit.