Friday, 2 March 2012

Finished Project: McCalls M6044

To recap, this week saw me tackle my first menswear pattern in the shape of a cowboy style shirt.

To be totally honest, I'm not disappointed, but I'm not exactly thrilled about the finished outcome either. There some bits that I wish I could go over and do again, such as the button hole at the back of the collar. It's off centre by about a fingernails length, and it's totally gonna bug me!
I'm also not really thrilled about the state of the buttonholes on the cuff either, and if I'd thought about it more I wish I'd done something different with the inside seams.

However with all of the above said and done, the person who will actually be wearing the shirt doesn't seem to be bothered by any of this.

 So the main bulk of the shirt itself is made using a lightweight denim which has a bit of stretch to it. The yokes & other contrasting features are made using simple black cotton, and as previously mentioned I used aida as my interfacing (which I would recommend!).

There are 3 buttons on the actual collar, and one at the top on the collar band. There are also buttons on the gaps above the cuff. The rest of the fastenings are pearlised snaps, which I used for the first time (a lot of fun, and soooo much easier than buttons!)

The only alteration I had to do was to take about 1&1/2 inches off the hem as my husband is only 5'7, and as the shirt is designed to be loose fitting there were no issues with it in that respect.
I would use this pattern again, and the version I made was a lot of fun and could be made up in some really interesting colours & designs.

It was also nice to sew something that I wouldn't usually do as I'm so used to making things for myself, it's been a nice little break but i'm dying to get started on my next project... the Mad Men Challenge!

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  1. Ooh, I think this turned out great!! And it fits him very well, too.Good idea with the snaps down the front rather than buttons, I think I'd definitely go that route if I do decide to make a shirt like this for my bf.

    It is a nice change of pace/mindset to sew something for someone else. :)