Thursday, 22 March 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Pin Up Art

I'm gonna start this post by saying that I love art. Like, really love it. My favourite kind has always been portraits, I think it shows true skill and talent to be able to draw people accurately. I think that's why I've always been drawn to artists that draw pin ups, it combines a lot of what I love, vintage & art.
I'm sure you've all seen at least one of the following  images before, and you may even be a lover of this type of art yourself? My favourite pin up artists are of course Gil Elvgren & Alberto Vargas.

Seriously, these guys are masters of their craft, I could only dream of being able to produce stuff like this!

Gil Elvgren creates such beautiful scenerios for his pin-ups, and always includes subtle innuendos into his work. A little lift of the skirt here, a perfect pout there, I could look at his art all day!

Vargas on the other hand uses a lot less colour, and is less playful with his girls. But this isn't such a bad thing, it lets you focus more on what he wants you to. I love the image above of the blonde in the swimsuit, I actually have this hanging in my sewing room.

And of course no post about pin-ups would be complete without a cameo from this lovely lady...

This one of the many, many, 'Betties' that has been drawn by Olivia de Bernadis.

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