Friday, 9 March 2012

UFO Part 2: Floral Peter Pan Dress

To conclude my UFO week, I've finally finished this dress! This has been waiting in my pile since last summer & all that needed doing were the armhole facings & the hem, that's it!

The material used is some floral cotton found at Fabric Land which used to be my local fabric store in Portsmouth.

Only the bodice is lined with the same black cotton used for the peter pan collar. There are also side seam pockets & a cute tie at the back.

The only thing I'm a little ashamed of is the awful zipper! I must add that this was a dress I made at the beginning of my sewing adventures & I have since learned how to correctly insert a zipper. If I was a perfectionist I suppose I could re-do it, but alas I cannot be bothered! Otherwise a perfect little summer dress!


  1. Cute dress, wich pattern did you use?

    1. I used New Look 6723 but made a few changes to it around the neckline.

  2. Very adorable! (I wouldn't bother re-doing the zip either!) I love the fabric and the little tie at the back. :)