Friday, 10 February 2012

Finished Project: Simplicity 5645

It's finished!
Don't you love that feeling of satisfaction when you've made a garment that you're completely happy with?!
This was so quick to put together and only took me this long to finish because work/house chores got in the way. Stupid chores.
The main bulk of this was done on Monday and once I decided enough was enough, I only had to hand stitch the facings, and make the buttonholes.

Here it is

Just as a reminder, here's the pattern

This seriously fits like a dream, probably because it's not meant to be too fitted.
I really like the length of this too, it sits quite nicely in line with my hip bones, meaning I can wear it casually with a pair of jeans, or I can wear it tucked into a skirt for work.

I know i'm going to get a lot of wear out of this, and I will definitely be making this again. I'm really eager to use the collar instead of the tie, and of course the sailor blouse (which is the reason I bought the pattern in the first place!).

I didn't really come across any problems with this pattern either. The directions & illustrations were simple to follow, all in all a thoroughly recommended pattern!

In addition to this, I thought I'd also share with you some recent purchases.
First up patterns...

I've finally bought my first mens pattern, at the request of the husband. I think he's getting jealous at all the new clothes I'm making for myself and has now decided he wants in too!
I bought a couple more blouse patterns as i'm wanting a few new things for work.
The top 3 actually came as a set from Ebay, so the Butterick dress was a bonus!
I then opted for the more contemporary Butterick pattern as it reminded me a lot of Gerties Bombshell Dress. I've seen quite a few floating around, and thought this would be a great way of making a similar one myself. I especially like the option of having a contrasting band wrapped around the bodice, and it has pockets.

Next is fabric..

Due to my recent splurge on patterns, I restrained myself and only bought this, again on Ebay. It's about 2 3/4 metres of vintage rayon in a cute plaid design. I'm quite tempted to use this for the Butterick 9973 shown above if there's enough of it?

Happy sewing!


  1. Your shirt turned out wonderful! I love your fabric choice! I found you blog via Sew Retro, and I can't wait to see more things you make. :]

    1. Hi & Welcome! Thanks for your comments, I love leopard print so much so I knew I had to buy the fabric when I saw it!