Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Musicals

I think I've touched upon this subject very briefly when I first started this blog. The truth is gimme a choice between a gritty thriller and a chirpy musical filled with dance numbers, I'd pick the musical every time. 

I LOVE THEM. I don't quite know what it is that appeals to me about them, maybe i'm just a sucker for a good harmony and some tap shoes?

I thought I'd take a quick break from the sewing/fashion inspiration posts and share with you a few films that I grew up with. I think the main reason for why I'm so in love with musicals is because of my mum. She has a great collection, and I remember on many occasions days where we would sit in front of TV together on a Sunday and watch a handful in a row.
The following are a few I immediately think of, and were always in rotation on the VHS player!

State Fair (1945)

This is my favourite Rogers & Hammerstein musical, often overlooked by the more popular Sound of Music or South Pacific. It's a simple story about a family who takes an annual trip to the 'State Fair' to compete in food contests, and the much coveted 'Best Hog' prize. While there two siblings meet the man/woman of their dreams and romance ensues.

If you never seen this movie, I thoroughly recommend it.

Hello Dolly!

Another firm favourite of mine growing up, this stars Barbra Streisand in the lead as a jack of all trades, but her speciality is matchmaking. Also starring is Michael Crawford and Walther Matthau, who as an appprentice & his employer seek the help of Dolly's services. The costumes in this movie are amazing!

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Again, quite an underrated movie I think (despite the questionable methods of how the men 'get' the girls). The colours are so vivid, and once again the costumes are brilliant. This film tells the story of you guessed it, seven brothers who lives in the woods. After the eldest finds a 'maid' to marry, the rest try to follow suit by pursuing women from the nearest village.

I hope I've inspired you to give these a try! What are your favourite musicals?

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