Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Old Hollywood Inspiration: Lana Turner

Lana Turner was born in Idaho, 1921. After her father died her mother moved the family to California where Lana dreamed of becoming famous. She gradually started get 'bit parts' in movies from 1937, and in 1938 'Love Finds Andy Hardy' turned Lana into a household name.

She enjoyed success in films such as 'Week-End at the Waldorf', and 'Johnny Eager', but it was her personal life that kept her in the public eye.

Turner married 8 times throughout her life, she battled alcoholism, and in 1958 her daughter Cheryl Crane fatally stabbed her mothers current boyfriend, gangster Johnny Stompanato. Cheryl was acquitted when the jury ruled the incident as justifiable homicide, not murder, as it turned out Cheryl was in fact protecting her mother from a savage beating.

Turner returned to movies in 1959 in 'Imitation of Life', which was a huge success. However as with many actresses of this time, when the sixties took over a new wave of young actresses emerged, leaving Turner and her peers very few roles.

Lana died in 1995 after a long battle with throat cancer.

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