Thursday, 23 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Mad Men

This week I wanted to join in the much hyped excitement that is currently sweeping the internet, Mad Men is returning to our screens for its 5th season!

To celebrate this I know of 2 sew-alongs that have already been mentioned, and I'm sure as the season progresses a lot more will happen. JuliaBobbin is asking for people to recreate their favourite look, and Sew Weekly will also be having a Mad Men theme during March. So why the hype around this show?

For me, like many others I enjoy the period accurate fashion, and the fact that the show takes place during such an exciting & revolutionary time for the world. So far we've seen the characters go through the Kennedy election & assasination, Marilyn Monroes death, the continuing threat of nuclear war, and most recently 'Beatlemania'.

But this is a sewing blog after all, and with 2 opportunities to make myself a new dress I need some inspiration! So when it comes to the female characters of the show we have Betty, Joan & Peggy as the main three, but in the background we have Jane, Megan, & Trudy. When watching the show as most eyes dart towards Joan, I've always found Peggys wardrobe more appealing.

She seems to be more inclined to take a risk, and wear something quirkier than the rest. Especially during and after her friendships with more bohemian types.

But of course, nothing beats a dress that shows off your curves & Joan certainly does it best.

So much food for thought!? I have a few ideas, and have already begun looking through my patterns for similar silhouettes. Certainly looks like March is shaping up to be 'Mad Men Month'

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  1. I LOVE mad men! sadly in Mexico, they started showing it very late, here season 3 is the one on the air, I bought the 1st 2 season, but I want to but the others too.
    I like Peggy's style also, I mean, if I had Joan's curves I would like to dress like her hehehe
    I will visit Sew Weekly ( I just discovered that site and I loved it) to see al the dresses and of course I would like to see yours too.

  2. You're right, March is Mad Men Month! How exciting -- themed sewing challenges AND the show returns? YES!

    I'm having trouble choosing between a Peggy-inspired outfit and a Joan-inspired dress for Julia's challenge. I guess ya can't really go wrong with either...

    1. It's so difficult choosing isn't it? I'm still undecided, I'll probably end up making something completely different!

  3. I absolutely love Mad Men! I have only just discovered Sew Weekly, but it's great! And I like your blog too! :)