Monday, 27 February 2012

Howdy Cowboy!

This week will see me take a break from sewing for myself, and will see me tackle my first menswear pattern. As I mentioned before I recently bought McCalls M6044 to make for my husband, who has been patiently waiting for me to make something for him. This pattern has 5 variations, but the most appealing and the one I will be making is Version E which is pretty much a cowboy shirt.

One Saturday when my husband was in town shopping he picked up (all by himself, no less!) some fabric for the shirt. He decided on some lightweight denim in an almost gray marl weave, and for the contrasting shoulder pieces, some black cotton. He also picked up some ready made black piping for the detailing and some pearlised snaps.

Needless to say I was pretty speechless when he walked through the door and handed me the bag! He's certainly a man who knows what he wants!
And as a 'thank you wife for making me this awesome shirt' he'd also bought me some crsip white cotton so I could make another version of my leopard print blouse.

For your viewing pleasure here are some ready to wear denim shirts that I'm using for inspiration

I also stumbled upon this Butterick Pattern whilst 'googling', couldn't resist posting it!

Just look at that onesie! Tres Sexy!

All images sourced through google images


  1. Haha, I love the cowboys!

    Your husband sounds pretty awesome. I don't think my boyfriend would set foot in any store that sells fabric, let alone pick out piping, snaps, and contrasting fabric. Very impressive!

    I've been thinking of sewing a shirt like this for my man also. I've already sewn him pajama pants and armrest cushions for his desk chair (don't ask). There's not much else I can sew him other than a shirt! Looking forward to seeing how yours comes out. :)

  2. Thanks Sue :)
    I was so shocked when he walked through the door and handed me that carrier bag!
    I've actually been really tempted to make some pyjama pants too, but for myself though!

  3. hi .what is the brand of the denim shirt that man puts on ?

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