Monday, 20 February 2012

Sew Weekly Theme: Academy Awards

I am super super excited about this weeks theme over at Sew Weekly. The aim for this week (so I'm interpreting) is that we can recreate an outfit from an oscar nominated movie.
Now I'm sure I'm not alone that when presented with such a task like this my brain starts going into overdrive. I have been non-stop thinking about iconic movie outfits, my favourite actresses, etc etc...

After the initial 'oh my god! what shall i make?' frenzy, I started thinking a little clearer and got some perspective. I wanted something that I'll wear again (so no fancy ballgowns), something that can be made relatively easy and within the timeframe of a week (so nothing too adventurous), and something made using things I have in my stash already. With these things in mind I started jotting down some ideas.

1. Natalie Wood - West Side Story

2. Diane Kruger - Inglorious B******s

3. Audrey Hepburn - Roman Holiday

The list could go on & on forever, but one outfit really caught my attention from a film I've only recently seen & it just so happened to have been nominated for an oscar. Drumroll please....................

Pearl Harbour!

The film itself isn't anything to sing about, but I absolutely adore this outfit Kate Beckinsale wears. These are the only images I've managed to find, but it gives you the idea.
I already have about 5 metres of black polyester crepe which is the same material I used for my 'Down Under' dress, plus I already have a very similar pattern, Hollywood 785.

The main differences are that the Pearl Harbour dress has a peplum style waist, has more of a pencil skirt, and has no collar.
The peplum is easy enough to add into the pattern by making a detachable one that Mena from Sew Weekly has done on one of her dresses. The skirt however, I'm going to keep to the original pattern as I have to say I prefer a fuller skirt.
And the collar I think I'm also going to keep, but we'll see!

So there it is! Wish me luck!

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  1. Looks great - excellent choice! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)