Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Hollywood Patterns

I've recently found myself almost uncontrollably buying quite a lot of vintage patterns. I can't really explain why, but I love everything about them. I find the illustrations on the front adorable, and very inspiring. I'm sure it sounds incredibly weird, but I love the fact that these patterns can be over 70 years old and still have a genuine use for a seamstress in 2012.

After scouring through patterns websites in search of some vintage gems, I've discovered that Etsy is the place to go. I contained my excitement as much as I could when I discovered the popular 'Hollywood Patterns'.

My oh my, these babies are just gorgeous.

But before I start gushing over the photos, here's a brief history of the company taken from Cemetarian

"Created by Conde Nast in 1932, the Hollywood Pattern Company quickly became popular due to the photos of favorite radio and movie stars that graced the envelopes.  Collectors of Hollywood memorabilia often look for sleeves with their favorite stars.  Original pattern prices ranged from 15 cents to 25 cents.  Their manufacture stopped after World War II and due to their short production span they are harder to find and considered highly collectible.  The patterns with a STAR from the War years are the most prized of all."

And to prove just how captivating these patterns are, I've collected some images from google showing you some of the envelope covers.

I myself only have 2 Hollywood patterns (so far!) and will be using one of them in an upcoming Sew Weekly Theme challenge which I am VERY excited about. Hint: ACADEMY AWARDS


  1. Fantastic Patterns! Despite the fact that I own hundreds of vintage patterns, I don't have a single Hollywood pattern. Sad, since they're all fantastic! :]

  2. I'm completely fascinated with them?! I think I'll be adding a lot more to my collection!

  3. I am totally the same when it comes to buying vintage patterns, I can't help myself, I like to think a bit like finding a fossil that I might be the first person to have made the pattern up in years, which is quite exciting...Only problem is I spent far more time staring at pretty the envelopes than I do actually sewing them up :)