Monday, 2 April 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

If you live in the UK like myself, i'm sure you share that same feeling of uncertainty towards the climate when it reaches this time of year. If you live in a place that has definite seasons or guaranteed months of sunshine then I tip my invisible hat to you.

As I write this there is a bright gleam of sunshine streaming through my window, which is wonderful. But I'm still reluctant to leave the house without thick tights & boots. Over the past few years in the UK our seasons seem to have shifted, with our warmest months being in April/May and again in September/October, our typical 'summer' months are usually filled with horrid rain.

Why am I moaning about the weather you ask? Besides it being quite a stereotypical thing for a Brit to do, I'm left wondering if the past few years of English weather have taught me anything, maybe I should reorganise my sewing queue and start sewing things that are typically 'summery'?

With this is in mind & the sunshine as my inspiration, I've decided to sew my first new summer dress for this year.

The pattern I've chosen is something I picked up for £1 in my local charity shop, Style 4151 from 1973.

I'll be sewing up the short sleeve version in some blue polka dot cotton viscose.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a little update on it!

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