Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spring & Summer Palette Challenge - Fabrics & Patterns

After making my moodboard I started to go through my patterns for some inspiration, and see if I could match any up with the fabrics I have.
So for the patterns I have the following as possible candidates.


My tried and tested blouse patterns, although it's my birthday next month and I have asked for some Colette Patterns, so fingers crossed for a Violet or a Sencha to join the above!

I need some new skirts for work, so the Butterick and the 1970's McCalls are ideal, I also really want to make another playsuit but I'm not sure about this pattern? I want more of a 1940's style like the ones Q's Daydream has just debuted here.

A lot of options for dresses, although that didn't really come as much of a surprise to me! The vintage vogue pattern is actually intended for a 1950's theme night I'm attending in July.

Now obviously, I'm not intending on making everything listed above, this is of course just an idea of what I could make.

Now for fabrics -


Top: Embroidered Silk, very small amount, maybe 1/2 metre?
Middle: Butchers Stripe Heavy Cotton, again very small amount, possibly 1/2 metre
Bottom: Floral Georgette, 4 metres


Top: Polyester Crepe with Orange/Blue squares, 3 metres
Middle: African Wax Cotton, 2 metres (I think?!)
Bottom: Pheasant Printed Georgette, 3 metres


Drill Cotton, roughly 2 metres.


Polyester Suiting (I believe?), 2 metres.

At this moment I own nothing that's of a khaki/beige colour so this is what I'm keeping an eye out for next.
Any suggestions on what would work well together?


  1. Khaki goes with everything - are you going to do a khaki pant, or perhaps a jacket? That mustard looks like it should be a pant, too - like a capri if this is for Spring/Summer.
    As for your fabrics I'd be tempted to make all those printed fabrics into tops. All kinds of tops to wear with blue jeans, khakis, and plain colored skirts. Definitely make something out of that fab blue/white stripe - even if it's a small clutch purse.

  2. I think Khaki shorts are definitely on the cards, but i'm not sure that i'm brave enough for mustard capris! I never even thought about making accessories for this challenge either? What a great idea, thank you Kat!

  3. You're going to be quite busy if you're going to make all that :) Good luck and looking forward to your creations!