Monday, 23 April 2012

That's Sew Cinematic - Rizzo Blouse (Style 1136)

The next item I'm planning on sewing up for the Sew Cinematic challenge is the top. For this I decided to stick with the Grease theme, and am re-creating a top that Rizzo wears.
It's going to be a slight mix of two, but I'll get onto that when it's done!
The main inspiration is the scene where Rizzo talks about 'looking like a leper' thanks to Kenickie.

These are the best photos I could find of Riz in this scene which is a shame as the rest of her outfit is really cute, and is different to what we see everyone else wearing during the film. The shirt is actually tied at the front, and is paired with jeans and of course (for some of the scene) Kenickies leather jacket.

To make this look I'm using an undated Style pattern 1136. I'm guessing by the illustrations that this is possibly late 1950's?

I'm sticking with ordinary bottle green cotton for this, but as suggested before I may add something a little extra to it!

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  1. Love the pattern and Riz as your inspiration. Can't wait to see the finished product!