Monday, 16 April 2012

Colette's Spring/Summer Palette Challenge

After reading Sarai's advice on how to put a mood board together, I took it upon myself to have a peek at what's left in my stash and see if there were any recurring themes. To my surprise I have a few pieces of fabric that feature the colour orange, which is not something I usually buy in rtw clothing. In fact the only two pieces of orange clothing I own are both tops, and both are leopard print!

So with this in mind I put together this -

I love the combination of orange and blue together, they suit each other so well. I also found after inspecting my wardrobe that I don't have a lot of yellow items of clothing either, so I've opted for a mustard colour in my palette.

To balance things out nicely I chose to incorporate khaki/tan/sand/beige whatever you want to call it?! I think this will work nicely with the other bold colours I've chosen.

Last but not least, we have burgundy. I love me some red, but as I've already got bright orange & golden yellow I figured having a darker red would make a change. I particularly like the idea of making some shorts in this colour.

I've also given myself the challenge of not buying any fabric with polka dots *gasp*, it's going to be hard but I need a break from seeing those dots under my machine foot!

Image Sources
All fashion images apart from top left orange dress sourced from CaliVintage
Orange dress sourced from The Wayward Daughter
Other images sourced from Google Images

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