Friday, 13 April 2012

Finished Project: Simplicity 4484

I'm a little bit in love with this nightdress! This was super quick to sew together and looks so adorable on, but I'm sparing you from seeing me wearing next to nothing, so Peg is modelling this week.
I do have a confession however, the straps are not meant to sewn the way I have done them. I got a little careless when trimming part of the seam allowance on one of the yokes and took a chuck of fabric with it.
After lots of swearing and foot stomping I figured the only way I could salvage it was by adding the straps to the outside instead of being sewn into the yoke.
But that aside, I'm happy with how this turned out. I was a little concerned with how short it may end up being, so I did add a bit of length on to the straps to make sure all modesty got covered.
As you can tell, I also decided to omit the lace. I am going to use it for this pattern, but just not for this version.

In other exciting sewing news I know for a fact a lot of you have taken a peek at the new patterns over at Colette! My favourite are the Iris shorts, I've been after a decent looking shorts pattern for a while so I think I may just have to treat myself! I'm also taking part in the Spring/Summer Palette Challenge which I'm excited about, and will be busy making my moodboard this weekend.

Are you taking part?

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  1. This looks adorable! I wouldn't have guessed the straps weren't meant to be that way - great save!

    I haven't decided if I can stick to a plan long enough to participate in the challenge but, I'm considering it. Looking forward to seeing your moodboard.