Monday, 30 April 2012

Palette Challenge: Burgundy Pencil Skirt

I've been wanting to make another pencil skirt for a while now, my first attempt was blogged here and was made using a self draughted pattern. As much I like the outcome, and the skirt is in constant rotation for work, I've decided to use a ready made pattern I picked up very cheaply on Ebay.

The pattern is Butterick 2115 and is dated 1963
I'm going to be using some of the burgundy suiting I picked up at my local fabric shop at £5 a metre.
I came extremely close to actually using this for a circle skirt as it has a very nice drape, but as much fun as circle skirts are, I know I will get more wear out of a fitted skirt.
At the moment I'm going to be sewing up the red version which has a plain front and 2 inverted pleats at the back, but we'll see how well this fabric behaves.

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