Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things I Love Thursday: My Garden

To some of you this is probably going to be a really boring post, but I love gardening. Any opportunity to photograph plants, and I'm there!
Previously Alex and I lived in a 1 bed flat that (thankfully) had a big enough balcony to fit a load of pots of various things. Now we've moved into a house I'm starting to get used to the fact that we actually have a garden.
This past weekend as the weather was nice enough we decided it was time to make our annual trip to the garden centre and pick up some herbs and flowers to start littering around the garden.
When we moved we only brought with us our small (and dreary looking) olive tree, as well as our rosemary plant. So we had a lot to stock up on!
My favourite flowers are Lilies, Asiatic preferably, so we managed to pick up some red ones that should blossom in 2-3 months. We also picked up a little connifer, tons of pansies, some lavender, and finally a collection of herbs so we could make a little herb garden in our second hand tin bath.
We bought enough pansies to fill 3 pots and there were some left over that we decided to plant around some of the trees we have.
It was doing this that we discovered that there is a lone bright yellow tulip underneath the forsythia bush (small yellow flowers), which I'm assuming was one of many but the previous tenants must have taken them with them? Poor thing!

So now I have a somewhat colourful, happy garden!

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  1. What a lovely garden you have! I like gardening as well, but the weather this year here in Belgium was not very good so far and kept me from doing anything outside... Your post makes me feel guilty about that :)